Meet Our Team

The Friendly Robots Company team is a group of engineers, many UC Berkeley graduates including the CEO and founder Xiao Xiao.  Click on a team member to see a short biography of that team member!

Xiao Xiao


My name is Xiao and I came to this country at a young age with a fascination for machinery. I was raised frugal by my single mother and we always had enough. My goal has been to study hard, take every opportunity, and create something that is of value for this world.
The team has worked very hard on this, and our product amplifies each human’s output. We look forward to hearing your unique needs in maintaining a clean and well lighted place!

Haoran (Sean) Xu, M.S.

Software Engineer

I enjoy waking up everyday and learning more about technology and people. As an engineer, I look forward to identifying problems and proposing different solutions to solve those problems. Even though I am just a novice in business, I believe my sincerity and honesty will guide me in the right direction. If you have any questions about me or our product, feel free to connect/contact me via LinkedIn or email. We can discuss anything from our software to our business model.

Billy Sidorick

Adam Osborn

Robotics Engineer

Electronics has always been a passion of mine. Most of my career has involved some form of circuit design. I have a degree in Data Science from UC Berkeley where I also studied robotics, machine learning and artificial intelligence. I also have two associate's degrees, one in Mathematics and one in Computer Science. I have interned at the NASA Ames Research Center where I worked engineering the data communication and control system for an autonomous quad-copter drone.
Friendly Robots has been a great opportunity for me to expand my skills and work alongside a great team of industry professionals. I have been involved in the design of our differential drive control, vacuum control system and sensor suite. I have been the primary software engineer for the development of the hierarchical state machine used in our robots.

Kevin Chow

Full-time Employee

I have had an interest in robotics for a long time. I graduated with a BS degree in EECS (Electrical Engineering and Computer Science) from UC Berkeley and with an MS degree in ECE (Electrical and Computer Engineering) from Boston University.

I have many roles in the company, which include the following (so far): developer of the web-based user interface that interacts with our robot, creator of the mounts that hold our robot's sensors, developer of the new upgraded controller for our robot, and manager of the content of our website.

Zihang (Zack) Li

Robotics Engineer

Jim Healey

Vice President of Business Development

Jim Healey is the Vice President of Business Development for The Friendly Robots Company. Healey oversees all fronts of business operations, as well as strategic partnerships and business development. Healey plays a key role in streamlining logistical components to ensure the business consistently delivers a high quality product for its clients. Healey received his B.A. from UC Santa Cruz.

James Mahar

Matt Polizzotti

Brian M.Snow


Our Mission

At Friendly Robots Company, we believe in leveraging technology for the benefit of mankind. We aim to innovate the janitorial industry through our fully autonomous and easy-to-use vacuums. Friendly Robots autonomous vacuums will change how we clean.